Killer Queen Black

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    Killer Queen Black

    After millions of play sessions upon its explosion onto the arcade scene in 2013, Killer Queen Black brings the strategic multiplayer action gameplay home, with a new Glam Rock-inspired 16-bit pixel art-style and similarly-themed ?80s metal tunes. Up to eight players split off onto blue and gold teams ready to fight for their hive. One player on each side takes on the role of the Queen, and the others play as drones. Cunning reflexes and keen tactical planning are the key to reigning supreme over opponents. Each team?s Queen starts armed with a stinger to defend herself and attack the contending team. Be wary when controlling her, as her dangerous attacks and heightened agility come with the tradeoff of limited lives. Three types of victory and a sky-scraping skill ceiling mean each match offers near-infinite permutations to persevere and complications to conquer. Killer Queen Black has four game types: Quick Matches for those eager to leap into the fray, Ranked for those who want to rise to the top, Custom games with adjustable rulesets, and Arena. Arena requires a ticket to enter, earned through victory or purchased via in-game currency, and tasks players with going for victory streaks that earn awesome rewards. A notch is added to players? swords for every victory, and reaching 100 earns them a fancy sword to brag about. At any given time, there is one single ?Black? team. Any team that defeats the Black team dethrones them and becomes the Black team themselves. Liquid Bit hopes to broadcast these fierce competitions and encourage the Black team to remain a constantly-shifting, coveted position.

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